Review (Jazz Fusion): “Rise in Love” - Jacnique

San Francisco native Jacnique has been performing since the age of 5 and has developed a unique style of her own over her years performing in the Bay area, Hollywood and in Las Vegas.  The title track from her latest release “Rise in Love” is a pleasant offering that’s soothing to listen to.

The tune has a relaxed quasi-bossa feel and the lyrics are very uplifting giving you a positive vibe.  The vocal harmonies and chords are pleasant and strike enough interest to keep you listening, yet there could be more variation in the texture of the recording by dropping out some backgrounds or drums in certain sections to create more emphasis on the lead vocal and the lyrics.

The overall recording is well-balanced and well-mixed and I appreciated the flute which added an airy timbre to the chorus section.  She has a pretty voice and I would have liked to hear her solo over the vamp, that would have added to the playfulness of the song.  A flute, guitar or piano solo would have been a nice addition as well and would have added to the length of the song. 

There are some great elements here and I liked the song a lot.  I could see myself listening to it on a nice fall drive through the countryside.


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