Review (Avant Garde): "Arabik Funk " Ian Bederman

As with all improvised music the challenge is to coordinate a group of musicians and the larger the group the more complex it becomes.  This recording by the Intuitive Music Orchestra led by Ian Bederman, does a great job coordinating one another to create some nice music.  As they say on their site their music is never “rehearsed or repeated.”  They use 50 various drums, 10 types of flutes, 100 types of small percussion and the human voice to create their sound.  Although not listed there must be synthesized strings used as well.

The track has a nice groove and reminds you of a scene in a movie set somewhere in Arabia.  The piece has a nice texture and the percussion, strings and sax blend well with the voice.  The orchestral treatment is a nice addition and adds harmonic interest, and contributes to the overall cinematic quality. When the guitar player comes in the piece takes on a Flamenco quality and the shouts in the background make it sound like a group of Gypsies dancing by a campfire.  There are emotional bursts from the vocalist and the alto saxophone player that are jarring at first but add to the general drama making the campfire scene even more energetic. There is no real arrangement here except for the strings and the short rhythmic phrase at the end, it is mainly an improvisational piece over a repeated bass line theme.  Nice release from Ian Bederman and the Intuitive Music Orchestra.  


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