Funky Music Tip #6 - Free Skype Recorder for Your Skype Lessons

If you give or take Skype lessons this is a great tool to help you remember what happened in the last session.  For students, you should always record your lessons because you can never remember everything and there are some great licks and patterns that your teacher may play that you will want to remember so you can practice them.  There are also some phrases that you play that may be worth incorporating into your repertoire.  Lastly your teacher may say something profound and give you some words of wisdom that you really want to remember.  If you record your lessons you will have these invaluable tidbits to go back to when you are in your own private practice session wondering what to work on.  

For teachers, recording your lessons can be a great way to see where you need to improve your delivery.  It can also serve as a way of tracking a student’s progress so you know how far and how fast your student is progressing.  Lastly you can use a recorded lesson to help you get the grant or the job you were applying for.  It can serve as a record of your teaching ability and just may put you over the top.

I used to use Super TinTin for Skype but they are now charging $30 for more than five minutes of recording so I had to find another piece of software.  The one I found that is at the bargain basement price of FREE is called Free Video Call Recorder by DVD Video Soft.  It is very simple to use and it allows you to record one screen, two screens or just audio.  One thing to watch out for though is the install process.  During the install wizard they will ask you to install two recommended programs, one is a toolbar and the other is another piece of software.  I’m sure their harmless but I’m tired of all these toolbars trying to fight for my browser space.  Take your time during the install process and click “custom” install to uncheck the boxes.  After you’ve done that you should be up in running in a heartbeat.  

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