My Favorites (Blues): “Merry Christmas Baby” – Charles Brown

The subtlety of the blues is so entertaining and this tune definitely keeps that tradition alive.  It seems that a song form so simple would be difficult to compose new lyrics to after a while.  Yet after over 100 years since W.C. Handy’s “Memphis Blues” was published, there are new blues being written that are as witty if not more so than the earlier tunes composed before.

Texas blues pianist Charles Brown recorded “Merry Christmas Baby” back in 1961 and it has become part of the “canon” of Christmas songs played during the holiday season.  My favorite line in this song is “Merry Christmas Baby you sure been good to me, I haven’t had a drink this morning but I’m all lit up like a Christmas tree.”

This laid-back classic puts you in the mood to enjoy a good time this holiday season.  This is the type of good time however that as my elders used to say,“is grown folk’s business.”


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