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Summer Online Music Courses

This summer take an online course in Music Business, Black Contemporary  & World Music at Bowie State University

Business of Music – MUSC 408 Learn about the business of music: basic understanding of contracts, booking, touring, management, business and life principles
Introduction to Music – MUSC 302 Learn about the various cultures and styles of music from around the world as well as some fundamental concepts in music creation
Black Contemporary Music – MUSC 409 This course explores the cultural, social, and historical growth of Black popular music

Session 1:  May 30-July 3 Introduction to Music MUSC 302-600
Business of Music MUSC 408-600
Black Contemporary Music MUSC 409-600
Session 2: July 5- Aug 8 Introduction to Music MUSC 302-700
Business of Music MUSC 408-700
Black Contemporary Music MUSC 409-700

You can take the course anywhere as long as you have access to the internet. Here’s how to register
If you are no…

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