Review Requests

I am accepting submissions for review.  I try to be fair in my reviews and I will point out key musical items that affect my rating decision.  To get a 5 star rating the song has to move me emotionally not just technically.  Music is subjective so everyone’s likes and dislikes will be different.  I try to account for that in my review but I’m not going to be fake.  By focusing on the musical aspects I am able to critique the music as objectively as possible.  My subjective comments will be on the quality of sound, emotionality and feel of the music.  Some things to consider when submitting a project for my review:

  • I have the expertise and can review many styles of music but I prefer to review jazz, world music and fusion recordings
  • I like to review singles but I will consider reviewing a CD
  • If your recording is not radio quality I will not review it
  • I will not download tracks, you can give me your website, soundcloud or reverbnation page with a copy of the full track
  • Please provide me with a bio or a link to your bio (if your bio is on your website let me know)
  • Please provide me with a link to your website and other social media sites (facebook, twitter)
  • Please provide a list of your musicians
  • Let me know if you would like your track included on my radio playlist

To be included on the radio playlist:

  • Your track must be original music, no covers
  • You must agree to the radio playlist policy (tell me in your email if you agree to the policy)
  • I do not pay royalties for radio airplay

Radio Playlist Policy:

  • You agree to provide your music to be played on my website without any compensation, indefinitely.
  • You agree that you own the copyrights to all of the music you are providing and are legally able to enter into this agreement.
  • If your music includes samples you have cleared all samples with all parties and have the legal right to use them.
  • I do not pay any royalties to anyone that includes you, publishing companies, performing rights organizations or writers.

(I agree)
(I do not agree)

Rating System:

5 Headphones - Great recording, exceeded my expectations and I loved listening to it!  The music was well put together technically and aesthetically, and was played with feeling.

4 Headphones - I really liked it.  The music was technically and aesthetically satisfying.

3 Headphones - It had its moments but could have been better.  There were some musical elements that could have been improved but overall it was a good attempt.

2 Headphones - Not really my cup of tea.  There were too many things missing musically and aesthetically.

1 Headphones - Didn’t move me at all.  Nothing was working.

To request a review send me an email to  Please allow me a week to respond.  Make sure you rad the review policy page before submitting a request.

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