My Favorites (Brazilian MPB): “Flor De Lis” by Djavan

I first heard this song when listening to a friend of mine play it at a jazz club years ago.  He’s the first one to introduce me to the music of Djavan.  I thank him immensely for it.  Djavan has a personal voice that is almost like he is having a quiet conversation with you in the corner of a jazz club.  What I really appreciate about his singing (and many Brazilian singers for that matter) is his rhythmic sense.  It’s as if he is playing snare drum accents with his voice.  What makes Djavan stand out however from other Brazilian artists is his compositions.  He has a melodic sense that grabs you and you can’t help but sing his melodies even if you don’t understand Portuguese.  His harmonic sense is equally engaging and you feel the emotions of his music through the subtle cadences.  

On this specific recording the guitar playing is exceptional and so complimentary to the singing that they blend together as one synchronous expression.  What is also fun is to hear how the audience knows all the lyrics and sings these complex rhythms along with the music.  He lets the audience sing the chorus after the solo and scats along with them.  His concerts must be a lot of fun for all in attendance because you get to sing along and be serenaded to all at the same time.  If you want to hear him sing the full song without the audience I’ve included another version.  

There is a lot of great music happening here and this track will not only peak your musical interests but also put you in a good mood.  If this music can’t help you find your happy place, I don’t know what will.

Live Version:

Recorded Version:

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