Funky Music Tip #4 - Audio to MIDI Converter

I was talking with a trumpet buddy of mine about WAV to MIDI converters and I went home to do some research.  I knew about Melodyne and the capabilities of their software but I found one that actually converts in real time which can make a vocalist into any instrument.  As one reviewer said on their site, “This means you can use your voice as a MIDI controller. Sing in one end and come out as a piccolo at [the] other. Cool!” – Geoff Nicholson

Aside from the real-time capabilities, the unique feature that makes this converter standout is the ability to pick up on the nuances of the sample like portamento and timbre.  

I haven’t checked it out yet but it is on my list to check out.  When I do I’ll give an update to this post.  

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