Joe Sample - The Song Lives On

We lost another great one this week.  Pianist Joe Sample transitioned on Sunday.  My first introduction to Joe Sample was when a college buddy of mine said he was transcribing a solo from one of his albums.  I was then introduced to his album “The Song Lives On” with Lalah Hathaway and I was hooked.  Joe Sample had a laid back sophisticated sound that was personal and original.  You felt like he was talking to you in a gentle kind of way.  His later albums are particularly nice because he uses strings and the overall production envelopes you into another world. 

I also like listening to some of his early work too because it has that ‘70s funk sound.  Apparently Tupac Shakur liked it as well and sampled Joe’s “In My Wildest Dreams” for his song “Dear Mama.”

Hear is one of my favorites:

One Day I’ll Fly Away

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