Review (Jazz): “Human Condition” - Larnell Lewis

I was combing through some artists on reverbnation today and came across a breakout artist that I’ve never heard of before.  Drummer Larnell Lewis is an accomplished Toronto-based musician who has some really nice tracks on his page.  I find it interesting that some of my favorite jazz albums of this era are by drummers.  I like Jeff Tain Watts’ albums and Brian Blade’s Fellowship albums are definitely some of my favorite musical offerings over the past years.

Mr. Lewis is on the percussion faculty of Humber College and has toured with several notable artists including gospel artist Fred Hammond.  “He describes his sound as an eclectic mix of fusion music inspired by Afro and Latin Caribbean sounds, RnB, soul and funk.” 

The track I chose to review was a piece entitled “Human Condition.” Aside from having a diverse range of influences, his jazz chops are particularly keen on this recording and he is very musical in his use of cymbals and space.  The piece is very well-written and takes you through a variety of moods.  Aside from the clear recording, which as an engineer and producer I enjoy a nicely mixed recording, the performance was stellar.  The musicians are definitely in sync and the music sounds well-rehearsed, but they don’t stop there.  They give an impactful performance that shows a level of musical maturity.

I listened to the other tracks on his page and was not disappointed.  They too show a level of musical seasoning that makes me look forward to hearing a full album project. 

To listen to his music click on the link below.


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