Funky Music Tip #3 - Vocalist Gear

To continue the tech tips with a vocalist theme, I wanted to encourage those vocalists who do not have a professional microphone, mic stand and amplifier set up, to get one ASAP.  Many musicians who call on vocalists to do gigs will only call on those who bring their own mic set up.  The main reason for this is because it shows your commitment to your instrument and that you are serious about singing.  Just as the sax player brings his/her sax, the drummer their drums and the bass player their bass, a vocalist should bring their mic set up.  Here is a professional mic and an amplifier for you to check out:

If you really want to look professional then bring your stand connector for your tablet where you can show off your set list and lyric sheet on your tablet screen.  Here is one from Amazon that has some good reviews: 

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