Funky Music Tip #12 - New Notational Software: ScoreCloud

Those of us who compose music are very familiar with the two main software choices Finale and Sibelius but now there is a new entry in the competition for best notation software: ScoreCloud. 

If you watch the video they have on their Facebook page that shows the amount of time it takes to write a 3-part piece in their software versus the others (and hand notation), you see that it takes 3:15 minutes to do it in their software whereas it takes 6:24 minutes in Finale and 9:05 minutes in Sibelius.  Doing it by hand takes 16:31 minutes.

Created by self-described “fiddle player” Sven Ahlback the software listens to you play and/or sing without the need for USB or microphones and notates whatever you do.  You can then go back and edit or tighten up your piece into a more presentable project.

I haven’t checked it out yet but after watching their notation software showdown I think I might give it a try and see if it helps to make composing music a bit more seamless.

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