Interview With Singer/Songwriter Megan Elizabeth

 “I feel like I’ve been given an amazing gift for a purpose.”
-Megan Elizabeth

I had a nice talk with a young artist last week who is just starting out in the recording industry and has an empowering message to help the young people of today.  

Megan Elizabeth is a singer/songwriter with a message and a purpose.  Her music began as a vehicle for her own healing process after being bullied in high school and going through depression.  After praying for help in a practice room in her school, the very next week she went to the same practice room and miraculously could play the piano and read music.  Megan now plays the guitar, piano, alto sax, ukelele, banjo and she writes her own lyrics and melodies.

Because of her musical abilities she was accepted into the Berklee School of Music which speaks volumes on how much her talent has grown.

Originally a country artist Megan is now expanding her musical palette by incorporating dance and urban contemporary music.  People say her voice is a mix between Katy Perry and Adele and she enjoys the compliment.  

A staunch advocate against bullying she incorporates anti-bullying themes in her shows and her lyrics, and at every one of her live shows she has a “Be kind” poster for people to sign to help spread the message of kindness in the place of bullying.  

I visited her website and enjoyed the first track that came up which was a cover song of Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse.”  Megan’s version is noticeably different and has an Eastern sound to it.  I asked her about the sonic choices in the recording and she said that she used pots and pans and a banjo to get a completely different sound.  She goes on to say that it was one of the “funnest” covers she’s done.

After being active professionally for 2 years, her first single “Closer to You” is being released this coming May 30th and will be available at all of the regular outlets such as Amazon, itunes, Spotify, etc.

You can listen to her music via the following links. 




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