Funky Music Tip #9 - Music Apps And Technology

I finally left the ranks of blackberry owners and got a Samsung Galaxy 3 mainly because it was practically free with my 2 year subscription.  This thing is amazing, as I’m sure those of you who are shaking your head at me for holding my blackberry so long have said eons ago when you got your Samsung when it first came out.

What makes this such an amazing time to learn music is that there are so many apps out now and so much music related content that you have everything at your disposal.  The problem now is to try and filter all those possibilities to just what you need at this moment.  

The music related apps that I like are:
  • irealbook app
  • Equalizer Music Player by MooboSoft
  • iHeart Radio
  • Spotify
  • Soundcorset Metronome and Tuner by Onsquare
  • Chord Wheel by David KBD

If you haven’t gone out and acquired a smart phone yet in the immortal words of Charlie Parker, “now is the time.”  Most apps come on both iphone and Android platform and there are deals where you can get last year’s technology for free or nearly free.  We are at a point now where even last year’s technology is more than sufficient to amaze you.

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